Transformation Tuesday! 

It’s fitting that my first post on this blog is about transformation. So much of coaching is about the external physical transformation and it’s really so much more!

I had to sit down and write out the reasons why I love coaching:

❤️Top on the list is that our family is now healthy and we are modeling healthy eating and workouts. 

❤️Eric’s cholesterol went from 240 to 170. When you marry 13 years older, you need him to stay around for a while. 

❤️I am no longer classified diabetic. This is a major win after 2 insulin-dependent pregnancies. 

❤️last year’s all-inclusive trip to Cancun  

❤️Nashville Summit was amazing and SO energizing 

❤️ a focus on personal development has led me to KonMari and reading again for fun.  

So what is Beachbody Coaching and can I do it?

I’d love to hear your questions!