31 day blog challenge: Day 31 Self Portrait and what you liked about this challenge

I liked learning to use WordPress and having something to blog about for 31 days. March was crazy for us (cruise, dog dental surgery, major road trip) but it was amazing how portable this is on my phone and how I can catch up if I missed a day.  I liked doing the challenge with my new coach. She rocks. 

Self portraits are hard. I take tons of sweaty selfies but the art person in me thinks portraits should say more. This pic is grainy from the weird light and the angle is a bit awkward, but this is the best I’ve got because we are one. He has made me the person I am today and is awesome.  And I am the happiest when I am with him. 


31 day blog challenge: Day 30 What’s Your Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream?

It’s hard for me to pick just one, I like just about anything. Espresso chip was my all time favorite but it’s hard to find now. Mint chocolate chip is my usual go to when we are out unless there’s some more interesting flavor the place is known for. While visiting my family in Ohio, we went to Jeni’s and I had brown butter toffee crunch. It was incredible. They’re flavors are “different” and so delicious. 

 The ice cream was gone fast, then the girls did some Jedi training. 😂 

31 day blog challenge: Day 29 What’s Your Favorite Time of Year? Why?

I would have to say that I love things about every season. The holidays are awesome with the kids. We love to sled in the golf course by our house over the winter. Then January and February are family birthdays. Spring means blooming flowers and losing the winter fluff. 

  Summer is awesome with fun family activities, fruit and veggie picking at our favorite farm, and our annual trip to the “Beach House” in HI. Fall means cooler weather and lots of museum trips. 

With each time of year change, the girls add new skills and cool developments. They’re growing super fast. 

31 day blog challenge: Day 27 List 3 online friends you’ve never met and hope to soon 

I have a whole list of Facebook friends and IG people who I’ve “met” coaching. My top 3 want to meet are girls who have inspired me in our groups: Veronica, Rebecca and Kelly!

Veronica and I met in a crochet group turned 5 day clean eating turned LuLaRoe. She’s an amazing working mama of two also married to a German guy! Hoping to meet up soon on the west coast!

Rebecca is the newest coach on my team and I’ve chatted with her lots over her journey (she won challenges in our group) and I can’t wait to meet her tomorrow at Super Saturday!

Kelly and I met in a cleaning group and both have wide flat feet. It’s amazing to have someone in your life with the same reasons to get healthy and also has the same wide flat feet (we bonded over Reebok trainers). I’ll get to meet her in July at summit!  


31 day blog challenge: Day 26 What is Your Favorite Food?

Hubby and I decided this is a ridiculously haed question because we are such foodies. At the moment, I would say chopped salad (from Portillos, Maggianos or Corner Bakery) is my favorite food. I love that it has a blend of flavors and textures. 

We love ethnic foods. German, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Mexican, Italian, French, Morrocan, you name it we’ve tried it and found something we liked. We  love that our girls do too (they had escargot on the cruise a few weeks ago!)

31 day blog challenge: Day 25 Describe Your Location

We live in Philadelphia. 11 years ago we came here for a job transfer and even though we get new offers to transfer to another site, we stay here because we like it. The culture in the city is so rich. We love the science and art museums, America’s oldest zoo and the amazing aquarium across the river. We also love that in a couple hours we can be in the Poconos mountains for skiing or sliding, NYC for fun or family, and down the shore for beach fun. Life is good. 

31 day blog challenge: day 24 Most Embarrassing Moment. 

Ugh. Who writes these prompts???  

So my most cringe-worthy moment was the first week of my freshman year of HS. I had been homeschooled up till that point and was feeling awkward. The back to school clothes trip had included a stop to Victoria’s Secret for a new bra. Being Chinese and part of the IBTC, I went for the one with the most padding. Fast forward to week one of freshman year. 

It was the last period of the day and this popular kid Jared found the pad for the bra. Don’t ask me how it came out (my shirt was supposed to be tucked in!) and how it ended up below him. I vehamently denied it was mine, then had to go back and retrieve it after class was over. 😳