31 day blog challenge: Day 5 favorite movies you never get sick of watching

Here are my top 5 favorite movies (off the top of my head)

I had the most amazing Communications prof in college who introduced me to this “perfect” movie. It’s funny I loved the mom even before I had kids and wished for her powers. Edna Mode is my fave and my realtor reminded me of her in helpfulness, encouragement and appearance (petite, dynamic and has glasses). 

The next two should be no surprise for a Lit major who studied abroad in the UK and was born in the 80’s.    
I have memories of my mom reading me the Tasha Tudor illustrated edition of this book. This movie came out when all preteen girls were in love with Christian Bale. 

Last but not least a newer release. I seem to get something new from every viewing of this movie. 

What makes you watch a movie over and over? 



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