31 day blog challenge: Day 10 Daily Routine

After I wake up, I read my first 5 app for morning devotions, then check in on social media with my team and groups, and wish everyone a happy birthday on FB. 

Get up, go to the bathroom 

Weigh myself. I do this every morning to make sure my eating was on point the day before. 

Get dressed and make the bed 

Preworkout mixed and drank

Read some personal development, start a load of laundry or clean a room, while waiting for it to kick in

Workout a half hour with my DVDs or Beachbody On Demand 

Post workout Recover shake if needed 

By then my kids are usually up, so breakfast for them. 

If they’re being good, run upstairs for a quick shower 

Homeschool lessons

Maybe an afternoon activity class or play date 

Dinner with hubby and kids 

Evening activities 

Bed around 11. 
I try to be consistent and plan out my days so everything gets done and I make progress each day toward my various goals. 

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