31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 15 Ten Things that Make Me Awesome

  1. God directing my life 
  2. My amazing husband who balances, coaches and supports me
  3. My kids who remind me daily why I do things and inspire me to be a better person
  4. My friends, especially my coach friends, who encourage and make me do more and push harder 
  5. My family who taught me a lot of what to do and what not to do
  6. My mentors who have guided me at various points along the journey 
  7. The many life changing books I’ve read
  8. My ability to talk to anyone has helped me learn from random people who had awesome stuff to share 
  9. My stubbornness and expectations of excellence have made me push through challenges 
  10. My planner addiction has helped me plan out my life and work toward  goals 

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