No shame Sunday

I’ve been reading a lot lately about mindset, fixed versus growth, and brain training (what conscious and subconscious thoughts are determining your emotions?). Marie Kondo talks about not keeping things out of guilt or fear and instead surrounding yourself with things that spark joy. 

For the last 3 weeks I’ve been pushing through a workout that I don’t love and isn’t my jam. Old me would focus on finishing because quitting is for losers. New me is about doing what I need to do to get back my jam and mojo. So tomorrow I’ll switch my workout to something else.  No shame in my self care game. 

Why do I make myself switch instead of quitting all together? That’s a good question. Part of it is because I have 2 little kids I need to raise. Part of it is I had to shoot 28 weeks of insulin 4x a day to have those beautiful little kids. Part of it is I like getting stronger and leaner. And part of it is that I need the endorphins to be happy for the rest of the day. 

Time to get some sleep and be ready for tomorrow. 

Egg Veggie Bake

6c of veggies (anything you have in the fridge. This one is half a bag of frozen pepper and onion mix, mushrooms and power greens- kale, spinach and chard)

1 dozen organic eggs

Spices to taste (I used a mesquite mix from Costco last time, this time I’m using a Jamaican jerk mix we picked up in Jamaica last month on the cruise)

Preheat oven to 375•

Chop up veggies as much as desired. 

Add to Pyrex 13×9 pan

Crack a dozen eggs and add desired seasoning. Whisk to combine. 

Pour eggs over veggies and stir a bit so veggies and eggs combine. 

Bake for 30-45 min depending on your oven, until the egg is set. 

Cut into servings and put in snapware. 

Makes 6 servings. 

21 day fix Portionology containers: 1💚1❤️

Spinning my wheels

I feel like I’m spinning my wheels right now. My stomach isn’t right for some odd reason (banana reaction or too much dairy or stress or something weird) and I’m super bloated and heavy. It’s making it hard to make a plan and put it into action. 

Spring is the time when people start feeling hopeful. The holidays are past and summer is coming. I’ve been stuck in the same place with KonMari, my business and my weight. Nothing like feeling the struggle that is life. 

So I’ll push play and do my workout. I’ll eat and pick a small project that I haven’t done and get it off my plate. I need the gratification of completing SOMETHING. 

Then I’ll turn on PBS for the girls and have some quiet time to myself to think about goals and plans. A dear friend told me not to let others tell me what my goals are, what rank I should push for because it helps them. And she reminded me that I’m a good friend and coach regardless of all that. Bless her. 

Transformation Tuesday. I need to get moving from this rut!

It had to be done

So last June when Erin Condren does their release of new planners, there was a glitch. An amazing glitch which let me get a 12 month life planner for $20. Except I didn’t get a 12 month. They sent me an 18 month. 

So last July I switched to the new amazing 18 month planner. And now it’s getting very fat.  

left 2014-2015 , r 2015-2016!

So I decided to be brave and uncoil both and recoil them the way I wanted them and dumping the 6 months of overlap. 


clamped off the sections

The 18 month coils have come a long way!


2014-2015 left, 2015-2016 right

All done!


all done! there are even extra note pages in the one for this year and I moved the important notes! win!
It wasn’t bad at all once I got past the initial anxiety of uncoiling. Next time I’ll use a planner friend’s tip and hold the pages together with an unbent paper clip. It will keep the holes together. 


Chilly Saturday

We got snow today. Snow. It’s April 9. Insanity. 

The littles wanted to play in it, so I made them some cocoa for when they came in. 

I’m realizing each day how fast the time with them is flying by. I’m so grateful to be their mama. 

Friends Friday

I love that my friends recommend books and want to read together. They say you’re the average of your 5 best friends. Glad that mine are constantly reading and improving themselves! 

Here are two books I’m picking up based on recommendations. What are you reading?


MOPS. Basically my lifeline as a young mom. 

These are my notes from MOPS (Mothers of PreSchoolers) today. It was about raising kids with grace. 

It took me a long time to be willing to brave a mommy group. At first I was enjoying my baby, then was afraid I wouldn’t like the other moms or they wouldn’t like me and would judge me. Instead I found an amazing group of mamas who shared the journey of teething and toilet training. As I cycle out of this group, I’m looking forward to reconnecting with the original crew who also cycled out as their kids grew. We are better together. 

Nice and Nerdy

I had a lovely chat with my success partner today and we realized that her team is basically all nice and nerdy people. Everyone is nerdy in their own way. We all like each other and play nice together. 

I also had a Philadelphia Market Council call. Again, lots of positive people who are driven and play nice together. 

I realized that I have finally found my crowd and it doesn’t need to be the “in” crowd. It’s better made up of nice people like me. 

After hours homeschool field trip

We had a special invite to see the new Shark Bridge at Adventure Aquarium tonight. It was extra special to go with E’s colleague and his homeschooled daughter. 

I’m super spoiled and love going when it isn’t busy. We got a private show by the hammerhead!  
The new shark bridge is amazing and so cool. I love how you can look down and see how big and small the sharks really are!