It had to be done

So last June when Erin Condren does their release of new planners, there was a glitch. An amazing glitch which let me get a 12 month life planner for $20. Except I didn’t get a 12 month. They sent me an 18 month. 

So last July I switched to the new amazing 18 month planner. And now it’s getting very fat.  

left 2014-2015 , r 2015-2016!

So I decided to be brave and uncoil both and recoil them the way I wanted them and dumping the 6 months of overlap. 


clamped off the sections

The 18 month coils have come a long way!


2014-2015 left, 2015-2016 right

All done!


all done! there are even extra note pages in the one for this year and I moved the important notes! win!
It wasn’t bad at all once I got past the initial anxiety of uncoiling. Next time I’ll use a planner friend’s tip and hold the pages together with an unbent paper clip. It will keep the holes together. 


5 thoughts on “It had to be done

  1. Omg..uncoiling looks so scary!! LOL!! You did a great job!!! I am planner obsessed! I’m actually thinking of switching my blog over from beauty/fashion to one all about planners! LOL!! ๐Ÿ™‚ FOllowing!


      1. I have the EC vertical. I’m looking at the Passion planner to try to nail down some time blocks. A little nervous it won’t be big enough for what I need. What do you like best about the Happy Planner?


      2. Happy planner is amazing!!!! I love the interchangeable covers! You can get a pack of 4 for 4.99! The colors are adorable along with the designs. I find it really easy to decorate and add my own personalized details to! I’ve been doing so many different layouts with it. My latest post is from my happy planner. ๐Ÿ™‚


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