Nice and Nerdy

I had a lovely chat with my success partner today and we realized that her team is basically all nice and nerdy people. Everyone is nerdy in their own way. We all like each other and play nice together. 

I also had a Philadelphia Market Council call. Again, lots of positive people who are driven and play nice together. 

I realized that I have finally found my crowd and it doesn’t need to be the “in” crowd. It’s better made up of nice people like me. 


After hours homeschool field trip

We had a special invite to see the new Shark Bridge at Adventure Aquarium tonight. It was extra special to go with E’s colleague and his homeschooled daughter. 

I’m super spoiled and love going when it isn’t busy. We got a private show by the hammerhead!  
The new shark bridge is amazing and so cool. I love how you can look down and see how big and small the sharks really are!

Sunday Planning

I always feel so much better, less chaotic and more in control, if I can plan out the week. I always put my workouts in first. If I know what workout I need to do, I’ll do it. And getting the “me time” of a workout makes my day and week go better. 

The kids’ and hubby’s activities and homeschooling lessons go in next since they’re non-negotiable, and that gives me an idea of where we have flex time and can add errands and play dates.  

Next, hubby and I will do meal planning. “Rations for results” is the name of our plan and we will figure it all out and cook in bulk for at least part of the week. 

What do you do to plan your week?