Joy in the journey

I realized that so much of life is mental. How do you think you are and how should you feel?  I invested in and am doing some awesome brain training. Instead of saying negative things to myself, I find a positive. I’m more aware of how I think about myself and my situation.  

As coaches, we tell our challengers to set goals and schedule rewards to hit them. The team is what keeps me going. Many of us have done our “transformation” and now need to maintain for the rest of our lives. We gain and lose and sometimes our goals are totally unrealistic. What matters is the journey and having friends who help along the way. There is no finish line except the grave. 

Today, one of our challengers posted her before and after results. I looked at her measurements that she dutifully took and realized that aside from my waist being 5″ thinner, our measurements everywhere else were within 1/2″ of each other. She reported she had lost 4lbs. I looked at the numbers and realized that her before weigh in was my lofty goal weight. She’s 20lbs LIGHTER than I am. 20 POUNDS! With the same measurements. She’s also 5″ shorter. It blew my mind. 

What I realized is that I’m obsessed with metrics and tracking change and need to instead “do my best and forget the rest.” I need to find joy in the journey and breathe and enjoy life. 

And I realized that I’ll always treat myself as an experiment. Try something new and see what changes. 

Next up, eating my way through the Nom Nom Paleo cookbook and finishing P90X. 

Day 30 already

It’s insane how fast time goes by. It feels like yesterday I was struggling to do 22 min hard corps and switched to old school P90X. Today was day 30 and Plyometrics. 

Randomly today my older daughter (almost 6) wanted to work out on the deck. It ended up being good because we saw a weird couple put a ladder on the neighbor’s house and could let them know about it. 

I’m excited to be done with one block and 1/3 of P90X. My nutrition hasn’t been on point but I’m loving the workouts. 


Cize Time

I’m super excited for my new app group that’s doing Shaun T’s dance program Cize. I loved it when I did it last summer and even lost 7.5lbs I didn’t expect to lose!  The group is going to be awesome on the app. 

I love that there are 2 schedule options beginner (6 weeks) and advanced (4 weeks). 

I love that the coach gift workout is 14 minutes and quick when you’re in a rush. 

Trust and Believe that everyone can dance!

For more info or to contact me with questions, go here:

It’s been quite a week…

As if bloat week isn’t enough, 
Monday my mom texted to say my uncle was admitted to the hospital (he had cancer before that he wasn’t supposed to survive this long and had been doing well as far as I knew). 
Tuesday 1/3 of E’s department got laid off including some dear friends. 
Wednesday the rest of the hospital layoffs happened, and we got a lovely email notifying us of travel details when the dates weren’t discussed prior. 
Today, my mom texted to say my uncle passed, and I got the message at my last mops meeting. 
So many emotions. Focusing on the positives in each struggle. My uncle beat the odds and got more time. E’s safe so we don’t have to look for jobs and the bosses told him they appreciate him (always good to hear). For our friends who were laid off, we are better for knowing them and we can still be friends even if we don’t work at the same place. Changes are hard and losses stink but we also have to rise to new challenges because of them.