Country Heat Recap Day 11

Today has been a lesson on expectations and where you find your worth. I had an early morning annual physical and hauled the kids there early! Some of you are parents and know what that all means when your kids are late risers and went to bed late. It went way more smoothly than I was even hoping. 

They did my vitals and I’m down 1.3lbs from my last appointment last year. WIN I thought. My blood pressure was also significantly lower, which is a major win for me because of family history blood pressure issues. 

And then after the exam and waiting for blood work, the doc comes back out. Not only does she not applaud me for my hard work of daily workouts and eating healthy (which I wrote on the form), she asks if I work out at all.  I respond, “6 days a week a with a stretch day.” “Oh, then you probably don’t need this.” “What is it? I’ll take extra info!” It was how to move more to add exercise in your life and how to eat healthier based on the food pyramid from 11 years ago. WTF. 

Demoralized and totally annoyed, I went to the local coach pool party. Those girls have become dear friends and they were supportive and encouraging. We concluded that BMI is not a good indicator of health for anyone who lifts weights. 

After enjoying a yummy lunch, we did a little country heat together. I love how fitness looks different on everyone but all bodies are great bodies. 

Happy and suprised to be down another 0.2. 


Country Heat Recap Day 10

Woohoo! I have been at a plateau weight or above for the past 10 months. I have not been able to get below the number and it was frustrating because I used to be 20lbs lighter at one point of this Beachbody journey. 10 days into Country Heat and portion fix, I broke that plateau and am below that number. Yee-haw!


Country Heat Recap Day 9

Such a good day!!!  Got out to the zoo, did our nails, watched Michael Phelps and the Final 5 win gold, and had an amazing friend join the team. 

Kelly and I met in a FB cleaning group and bonded over wide flat feet and Reebok Nanos. A year later, she came to our massive 27,000 person workout at the butt crack of dawn in Nashville. 

I’m SO excited she’s joining the team.  She’s overcome her struggles and is passionate to help people on their journey!

After 9 days of Country Heat, I hit my first weight milestone goal!  I didn’t think I’d be able to get back to this number and leanness and it’s happened!!!

Country Heat Recap Day 8

Today is our “golden 8” anniversary. 08-08-08! Every year I pull out my wedding dress and try it on to see if it fits (after 2 big babies: 10lbs6oz and 8lbs1oz!)

Winner winner chicken dinner!! It feels amazing to slide it on and have it fit perfectly (it was tight on our wedding day 8 years ago!)

Country Heat Recap Day 7

Today was rest and cook day. Yesterday was exhausting and I’m glad today is a rest day. We walked around in Center City to get food for the week and enjoy the weather (and catch Pokemon!)

The girls got some chinese bakery treats

I love cooking big batches on Sunday so I can warm and eat all week. Busted out the Instant Pot and got it done. 

Guy Fieri’s Salsa Verde Taco Chicken
Nom Nom Paleo’s Thai Beef Curry
Organic Brown Basmati Rice

Down 5! Lbs after 7 days!

Country Heat Recap Day 5

Grind so you can unwind. Most of this week has been filled with trying to get as many people into our Super Saturday as possible. We sold out the event in May, BEFORE they announced that the CEO and top trainer were coming to Philly. It’s been hectic but I’m still getting in my containers and “workouts.”  

Down 3.8lbs total so far in 5 days.