Core De Force day 13

Stretching Saturday because we have Joel and Jericho coming to Philly live tomorrow!


New favorite recipe: organic cherries and cafe latte Shakeology 


Core De Force day 12

New workout on the schedule means new combinations to learn. Progress not perfection and so fun!

Friday night snuggles and Gilmore Girls for the win. 

Core De Force day 11

When I first started working out, I couldn’t do a single push-up on knees or otherwise. Yay for making progress. ​

Have you seen the FB video about cauliflower rice stir fry? I’ve been making it’s and it’s yummy. 


Core De Force Day 10

This week also means I can add the coach gift workout* MMA Mashup. It was awesome. Yay! 

The Little Bear was up a lot with a cold and that meant little sleep for me. Pushing play is non-negotiable and I feel so much better afterwards. 


Core De Force day 9

I love when my littles watch me and encourage me. It’s so nice. 


Core De Force day 8

I seriously love this program. I’m not going to be able to laugh tomorrow after core kinetics. 

This is my favorite post workout treat: pumpkin spiced latte Shakeology pudding. Superfoods, coffee and yumminess 

For this week I get an extra 💜 fruit container. Yay!
This is organic blueberry chia oatmeal.  So delicious. 

Even with a relaxed weekend, I’m still down net 2 lbs in 1 week. I’ll take it. 


Core De Force day 7

Sundays are always super busy for us. We have church then lunch then shopping for the week. 

Coconut cafe latte pudding to go. 

Meal prep

Finally while hubby was at soccer we got in our Sunday stretch workout.