5 years!!

Happy Birthday Team Momentum! 5 years ago I signed up to coach not knowing that a whole team was coming. I was a newish mom with a toddler and a baby and I knew I had to get healthy or would face more insulin injections. I never dreamed I’d be able to finish one workout program much less 24! I never knew there were such positive, encouraging, uplifting people in this world who would help me in my journey.

5 down and an eternity to go! Happy Birthday Team Momentum! May we always encourage each other and help others build the momentum in their health journeys!

Country Heat Recap Day 8

Today is our “golden 8” anniversary. 08-08-08! Every year I pull out my wedding dress and try it on to see if it fits (after 2 big babies: 10lbs6oz and 8lbs1oz!)

Winner winner chicken dinner!! It feels amazing to slide it on and have it fit perfectly (it was tight on our wedding day 8 years ago!)