Country Heat Recap Day 12

Today was a much needed beach day with our best friends. 

It was a gorgeous day, perfect weather and so needed. 

And I got the news that my labs are in and my main diabetes test (the HbA1C) came back 0.2 lower than last time! Win!

I seriously freaked when I saw that 12 days of Country Heat has me down 7.4lbs. It’s amazing to keep seeing the scale change and feel so amazing. 

Country Heat Day 2 recap

Day 2 was County Swing again and halfway through L came to join me. 

I have to say that I’ve been using the containers off and on for year and always wonder why I go off them. Down 3.4lbs total in 2 days, with 1″ off my waist. 

And it’s so much food! Even in Bracket A! (This is only part of it)

I didn’t expect the bracelets to be so fun and easy. I should’ve gotten some a long time ago. 

Country Heat Day 1 recap

Before weight and measurements ✔️

Before photos ✔️

Schedule added to website workout tracker ✔️

Bracelets for containers ✔️

All the prep was done and it was time to dance! More than a few of us want to add to the program (I need more weights, I want the deluxe workouts, I’m going to double up, etc.) I decided and committed to do this round start to finish as written. I am focused on burning off fat and leaning out and super excited this is high intensity and low impact.

Not a bad burn! I’ll take it. And it was fun. And I am sweaty! 

Woke up today to write my recap. Down 1.8lbs overnight from 1 day of containers. WIN!