Country Heat Day 3 recap

Yay for a new dance on day 3. I was about halfway done when my dad (who is visiting) came downstairs and tapped his foot as I finished up. 

The video is on my coach FB page!

I’m super happy with how I feel on containers. The tutorials for the dances are super helpful and I’m really having fun for the half hour. 

We stopped at Costco before soccer to get some essentials. 

How many container foods can you see here and what colors?

Country Heat Day 2 recap

Day 2 was County Swing again and halfway through L came to join me. 

I have to say that I’ve been using the containers off and on for year and always wonder why I go off them. Down 3.4lbs total in 2 days, with 1″ off my waist. 

And it’s so much food! Even in Bracket A! (This is only part of it)

I didn’t expect the bracelets to be so fun and easy. I should’ve gotten some a long time ago. 

Country Heat Day 1 recap

Before weight and measurements ✔️

Before photos ✔️

Schedule added to website workout tracker ✔️

Bracelets for containers ✔️

All the prep was done and it was time to dance! More than a few of us want to add to the program (I need more weights, I want the deluxe workouts, I’m going to double up, etc.) I decided and committed to do this round start to finish as written. I am focused on burning off fat and leaning out and super excited this is high intensity and low impact.

Not a bad burn! I’ll take it. And it was fun. And I am sweaty! 

Woke up today to write my recap. Down 1.8lbs overnight from 1 day of containers. WIN!