Core De Force day 6

Saturday mornings are soccer mornings but I got in Dynamic Strength before we had to go. This is the last move of the 47 min workout. 440 burned is amazing for me. 

So glad to have Hydrate to get through these workouts. 

Down 3.2lbs in the 6 days. Winning. 

Core De Force day 1

I’ve felt bad I’m not blogging regularly but have committed to only do things in my happy place. Core De Force is my happy place. I ordered it last week when it launched and have been playing with the workouts before official starting today. 

I always make my challengers take new pictures. So glad I did. It was good to see the 6 day change even without the meal plan. 

I was worried about being in the lowest bracket for food again. I’m feeling full and getting in my 10 cups of water a day.