Something Shiny

I’ve reached the point in the workout schedule when I’m tired of it. The novelty has worn off, I’m not totally ripped and lean and though the blocks change, I want the excitement and freshness of something new. Normally, my coach team and challenge group (Facebook virtual support group) get me through, but today, I seriously want to throw in the towel and start a new program with my friends. There’s something powerful and awesome about positive peer pressure. 3 of my coach friends are doing Insanity Max 30 and now I want to stop P90X in week 10 and go back to something I’ve already completed. 

But I won’t. Because even though I’m dying to switch, to have the new shiny dreams of what could happen with Max 30, I also have coach friends cheering me on to finish. To do the last 23 workouts and be proud I finished a full round of P90X. Those friends are also as powerful to keep me going. 

Do you have those friends too? The ones who push you when you’re down and want a distraction away from your main goal? I hope you do. If not, our team is always open to new friends. 

31 day blog challenge: Day 27 List 3 online friends you’ve never met and hope to soon 

I have a whole list of Facebook friends and IG people who I’ve “met” coaching. My top 3 want to meet are girls who have inspired me in our groups: Veronica, Rebecca and Kelly!

Veronica and I met in a crochet group turned 5 day clean eating turned LuLaRoe. She’s an amazing working mama of two also married to a German guy! Hoping to meet up soon on the west coast!

Rebecca is the newest coach on my team and I’ve chatted with her lots over her journey (she won challenges in our group) and I can’t wait to meet her tomorrow at Super Saturday!

Kelly and I met in a cleaning group and both have wide flat feet. It’s amazing to have someone in your life with the same reasons to get healthy and also has the same wide flat feet (we bonded over Reebok trainers). I’ll get to meet her in July at summit!