Core De Force days 14-29

First, having dinner with Joel and Jericho was amazing. They are super kind and down to earth and amazing to learn from. 

They totally kicked our butts with MMA SHRED. 

Day 15 was the day of prep before 2 weeks of grandparents (hence my blogging break). I’m super glad I was doing this workout while everyone was in. We live in a tiny 1100sf row house and had everyone staying with us. It was so helpful to have a program with no equipment needed and I could do it in the small space free in our bedroom. Example video below. 

Then we had thanksgiving and Black Friday (aka Gilmore Girl release day!), a special 4 year old’s birthday party, her actual birthday, 2 grandparents leave and another comes in. 

Tomorrow is day 30 and I’ll be super glad to be back in my basement gym. And I think I’ll be net zero in weight gain which is awesome considering all the food we have eaten out. 

Bring on Christmas and a new round!

31 day blog challenge: Day 30 What’s Your Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream?

It’s hard for me to pick just one, I like just about anything. Espresso chip was my all time favorite but it’s hard to find now. Mint chocolate chip is my usual go to when we are out unless there’s some more interesting flavor the place is known for. While visiting my family in Ohio, we went to Jeni’s and I had brown butter toffee crunch. It was incredible. They’re flavors are “different” and so delicious. 

 The ice cream was gone fast, then the girls did some Jedi training. 😂