It’s been quite a week…

As if bloat week isn’t enough, 
Monday my mom texted to say my uncle was admitted to the hospital (he had cancer before that he wasn’t supposed to survive this long and had been doing well as far as I knew). 
Tuesday 1/3 of E’s department got laid off including some dear friends. 
Wednesday the rest of the hospital layoffs happened, and we got a lovely email notifying us of travel details when the dates weren’t discussed prior. 
Today, my mom texted to say my uncle passed, and I got the message at my last mops meeting. 
So many emotions. Focusing on the positives in each struggle. My uncle beat the odds and got more time. E’s safe so we don’t have to look for jobs and the bosses told him they appreciate him (always good to hear). For our friends who were laid off, we are better for knowing them and we can still be friends even if we don’t work at the same place. Changes are hard and losses stink but we also have to rise to new challenges because of them. 

Spinning my wheels

I feel like I’m spinning my wheels right now. My stomach isn’t right for some odd reason (banana reaction or too much dairy or stress or something weird) and I’m super bloated and heavy. It’s making it hard to make a plan and put it into action. 

Spring is the time when people start feeling hopeful. The holidays are past and summer is coming. I’ve been stuck in the same place with KonMari, my business and my weight. Nothing like feeling the struggle that is life. 

So I’ll push play and do my workout. I’ll eat and pick a small project that I haven’t done and get it off my plate. I need the gratification of completing SOMETHING. 

Then I’ll turn on PBS for the girls and have some quiet time to myself to think about goals and plans. A dear friend told me not to let others tell me what my goals are, what rank I should push for because it helps them. And she reminded me that I’m a good friend and coach regardless of all that. Bless her. 

Transformation Tuesday. I need to get moving from this rut!

Friends Friday

I love that my friends recommend books and want to read together. They say you’re the average of your 5 best friends. Glad that mine are constantly reading and improving themselves! 

Here are two books I’m picking up based on recommendations. What are you reading?


31 day blog challenge: Day 27 List 3 online friends you’ve never met and hope to soon 

I have a whole list of Facebook friends and IG people who I’ve “met” coaching. My top 3 want to meet are girls who have inspired me in our groups: Veronica, Rebecca and Kelly!

Veronica and I met in a crochet group turned 5 day clean eating turned LuLaRoe. She’s an amazing working mama of two also married to a German guy! Hoping to meet up soon on the west coast!

Rebecca is the newest coach on my team and I’ve chatted with her lots over her journey (she won challenges in our group) and I can’t wait to meet her tomorrow at Super Saturday!

Kelly and I met in a cleaning group and both have wide flat feet. It’s amazing to have someone in your life with the same reasons to get healthy and also has the same wide flat feet (we bonded over Reebok trainers). I’ll get to meet her in July at summit!