Monday musings

It’s the 3rd and final week of the 3 week yoga retreat. My fitness partner, birthday buddy, and HS friend (isn’t it amazing that’s all wrapped up in one amazing person?) and I are totally struggling with the lack of endorphins. As busy moms we need the rush to jumpstart our busy lives. I think she’s going to add in some cardio. I’m going to tough it out. I needed something totally different after P90X and other extreme workouts. I needed this time to center myself and focus on making space not grinding. My time on the mat has really helped my life off the mat. For me, it’s harder to hold a pose and not be constantly moving, increasing weights, trying to beat my old records. I’m glad to have this time to grow and learn. 

So I’m at the “what’s next” stage. I have 5 weeks till our dear friends’ wedding and 5.5 till Core de Force comes out. As I lengthen and add flexibility, I’m moving better and walking taller. So here are my options as I see them:

PiYo to continue the length and strength and centering. Pilates and yoga based but more cardio action. 

Country Heat is another choice. I want to do another round since my first round included a week in Hawaii and I want to see what 30 days can really do when sticking to the program. 

Hammer and Chisel is another choice. I dearly love my weights and this workout is in the less than 40 min range which makes it beat out Body Beast and ChaLEAN Extreme. 

Insanity or Insanity: Max 30. My little one asked where Shaun T went because I haven’t been working out with him lately. 

Or I could do 1 phase of P90X3. Half hour workouts and lots of variety. 

I hate these decisions. I just need to commit to something and move on. 

So I need to become a satisfier. Figure out my criteria and figure out what satisfies them and  move on. 

✔️Less than 1 hour

✔️Exciting to do

✔️Burn off fluff

✔️Help me stay long and lean

✔️Easy food plan

✔️sculpt shoulders and back for bridesmaid dress. 

I might just have to map out my own hybrid in my planner and do it. 

No shame Sunday

I’ve been reading a lot lately about mindset, fixed versus growth, and brain training (what conscious and subconscious thoughts are determining your emotions?). Marie Kondo talks about not keeping things out of guilt or fear and instead surrounding yourself with things that spark joy. 

For the last 3 weeks I’ve been pushing through a workout that I don’t love and isn’t my jam. Old me would focus on finishing because quitting is for losers. New me is about doing what I need to do to get back my jam and mojo. So tomorrow I’ll switch my workout to something else.  No shame in my self care game. 

Why do I make myself switch instead of quitting all together? That’s a good question. Part of it is because I have 2 little kids I need to raise. Part of it is I had to shoot 28 weeks of insulin 4x a day to have those beautiful little kids. Part of it is I like getting stronger and leaner. And part of it is that I need the endorphins to be happy for the rest of the day. 

Time to get some sleep and be ready for tomorrow.