Iā€™m stopping round 2 of 80DO early…

I have loved this second round of 80DO, but I’m super psyched for the new weights and cardio program LIIFT4!! Joel Freeman is a favorite trainer (he and Jericho McMatthews did my soulmate Core De Force) and I can’t want to start his new program.

Here’s the prep schedule I’m going to do.

Core De Force day 1

I’ve felt bad I’m not blogging regularly but have committed to only do things in my happy place. Core De Force is my happy place. I ordered it last week when it launched and have been playing with the workouts before official starting today. 

I always make my challengers take new pictures. So glad I did. It was good to see the 6 day change even without the meal plan. 


I was worried about being in the lowest bracket for food again. I’m feeling full and getting in my 10 cups of water a day.