5 years!!

Happy Birthday Team Momentum! 5 years ago I signed up to coach not knowing that a whole team was coming. I was a newish mom with a toddler and a baby and I knew I had to get healthy or would face more insulin injections. I never dreamed I’d be able to finish one workout program much less 24! I never knew there were such positive, encouraging, uplifting people in this world who would help me in my journey.

5 down and an eternity to go! Happy Birthday Team Momentum! May we always encourage each other and help others build the momentum in their health journeys!

Nice and Nerdy

I had a lovely chat with my success partner today and we realized that her team is basically all nice and nerdy people. Everyone is nerdy in their own way. We all like each other and play nice together. 

I also had a Philadelphia Market Council call. Again, lots of positive people who are driven and play nice together. 

I realized that I have finally found my crowd and it doesn’t need to be the “in” crowd. It’s better made up of nice people like me.