Transformation Tuesday 80 Day Obsession

The rest of the workouts flew by. We did a lot of zoom calls on Saturday mornings to do our cardio flow workouts together. They are SO much better with friends.

After 80 Days, I learned to prioritize sleep and practice self-care. I fell in love with my foam roller and stretching and made it a part of my weekly schedule. Sometimes it’s not about the before and after pictures, it’s about learning how to improve yourself and be your best self.

The results were pretty awesome.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen some carving on the front of my core!

Core De Force Day 30

Last day of this first round and I feel awesome. I actually got something close to a superman punch in!

I’ll be doing a new round starting ​​tomorrow. I can’t beat how I feel and this amazing burn. 

Why I love this program so much:

  • It makes me feel like a bad a$$. Like I can protect myself and hold my own 
  • The 3 minute rounds are doable for me. It’s a great pace. 
  • This is the first program that I don’t dread at least one of the workouts. They’re longer than I used to do, but the time goes fast. 
  • I love Joel and his funny encouragements, but Jericho and her fierce new mama example inspires me every day for every workout
  • The workouts drench me with sweat (and I hated to sweat!) and leaves me super happy, which helps me deal with family visits, homeschooling and #momlife. 
  • With each workout I become  stronger on the outside AND the inside. 
  • Super excited to see how another round changes me. 

Tuesday Thoughts and a Tip

So I made a great video on FB live this morning and the connection cut off most of the sound. Boo. 

Here’s the summary:

  • When you wake up in the morning, focus on your thoughts. I try not to tell myself “you’re sore, you’re tired, you should sleep another hour” and instead tell myself “you’re sore, that’s awesome. Time to hit the mat and work out some soreness.”  Your thoughts determine your attitude toward your day. 
  • Along those lines, are you a Manic Monday kind of person or are you a every day is an opportunity kind of person? Instead of hating Mondays, make it a Marvelous Monday, a Terrific Tuesday, etc. 
  • Related to yesterday’s post, it’s important to make your list of requirements to know what you need to hit your goals. Then pick something that satisfies most of the requirements and commit to it. The deciding phase is the hardest for me. Once I commit it’s about checking off those boxes. Focus on what you hope to achieve with the program and go all out. 

In the midst of all this struggle and centering, I’ve also been homeschooling. Here’s my top tip as a “veteran.”  Last year I worked out of our kitchen so I could cook and do other things while the girls were working. This year I “gave up” the office and we only do school upstairs. It’s helped with focus and having the map up at all times, but it’s also helped with being able to leave things as they are and close the door.